Cloud 101 For AWS: Reference

Key Points

  • The cloud provides on-demand access to infinite computational resources

  • Resources need to be carefully managed, because charges are usually tied to how long resources are held

  • The cloud is great for bursty, high-volume computing, or for some small services you might want to run

Storing data in the cloud
  • AWS is low-cost, feature rich, has widest use

  • At a high level you want to know about EC2, S3 and IAM

Doing computations in the cloud
  • Anything you can do with your desktop (almost), you can do with your cloud machine

  • For interactive stuff, you can set up Jupyter to run on that machine

Cloudknot: harnessing the power of AWS Batch
  • AWS allows you to scale your computation up

  • Cloudknot simplifies the use of AWS Batch

FIXME: more reference material.